Make someone’s day, with Got-Cha.

Who doesn’t love a free round at the bar?! A dessert on the house?! The surprise when a kind person picks up dinner for you and that special someone?!


Look through our on-growing list of places to treat your special one.


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About Got-Cha

We can all agree the world needs more of those random acts of kindness. Got-Cha is making that easier.

Got-Cha allows its users to pick up the tab for a friend, no matter if they’re in the same place, the same city, or even the same state. By partnering with local bars and restaurants, Got-Cha lets you give someone in your network a special gift at the touch of a button while supporting small businesses.

Your friend in Minneapolis is celebrating a promotion? Surprise them with a shot!

Your significant other is out to dinner with friends? Score some “brownie” points with a dessert on the house.

Make someone’s day, with Got-Cha.


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Our customers love good food.

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With Got-Cha, you will gain an additional source of income. Our customers are continually searching the latest cool restaurants in their city.

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If you're a place where people can come sit and have great food and drinks and enjoy their time, come and join us right away.

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We're hungry for the best things in life: delicious--everything, exploring the city and bringing the first bite of food to our customers.

Got-Cha is a multi-national, fast-growing business that maintains its appeal as a localised service with community ambition.


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